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    There is probably information on the type of recording I mentioned. 
There must have been a patent on it but I don't remember (if I ever 
knew) what it was called. One of my special interests is the history of 
sound recording. I should know about this method of making recordings 
for toys but I don't know it.
    As far as quadrophonic recording I think you should start with a 
single channel. Quad sound was a way of squeezing four channels into two 
by means of a complex phasing network applied to two channel recording. 
I never liked it much and think it didn't work very well. Its possible 
to do this with digital encoding but that is much more sophisticated 
system. Its still a way of trying to squeeze a gallon into a quart bottle.
    For the mechanical recording you must create either raised lines or 
embossed lines on a medium. This is something like the old hill-and-dale 
method of recording used by Edison. The originals for the toy sound 
ribbons may have been made this way and duplicated, like phonograph 
records, by making molds from the original and casting them. I think its 
possible to do this using a photographic record that can be used as a 
etch resist (as someone else suggested) but how to accomplish it is 
beyond me. However if you can do it then you might be able to make 
pictures that say something different in ever part. I just thought of 
this so will give some thought to how it could be accomplished. I can 
see people in the gallery running their fingers over pictures to find 
out what they say.

On 8/27/2017 11:25 PM, Mustafa Umut Sarac via Alt-photo-process-list wrote:
> Richard,
> Thank you for your post, I could not figure out finding information on
> google also.
> Rowan,
> How can I quadraphonic sound with single engraving ? Or might I make four
> for each sound ?
> Jack,
> 25 years ago , I made a picasso with heated polyurethane on my jean.
> Peter,
> I am thinking to negative engrave on steel by cnc and heat and print on
> film.
> Umut
> Istanbul
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