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Mustafa Umut Sarac mustafaumutsarac at gmail.com
Mon Aug 28 07:55:03 UTC 2017

Richard ,

I am researching instrument making for last 30 years. In Turkish Classical
music there are more than 63 notes in one octave and even more , some
players add more. There is a heated debate to find how many and why .

I learned computers sound cards can separate each note in to midi for
frequency analysis when music loaded to computer.

Do you know Leyla Gencer ? Soprano singed for years at La Scala . I thought
her voice is matchless and every italian phonem she sings can be midified.

Than you prepare the emboss for each phonem and note. Than cnc engrave the
reverse emboss on to steel.

Than you press that heated master on to school childrens plastic covered
note books.

Than children play italian opera with leyla s voice.

if you add 4 channels in to 2 close emboss , you play complex arranged

I need more on quadro and photoshop script writing. Can I make the same at

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