[Alt-photo] cyanotype paper

Christina Z. Anderson christinazanderson at gmail.com
Fri Dec 1 16:27:54 UTC 2017

Dear All,

I have been in paper testing mode for cyanotype for about two months now, and I found one winner from Freestyle Photo here:

https://www.freestylephoto.biz/174022-Awagami-Platinum-Gampi-Uncoated-Art-Paper-for-Platinum-Printing-60gsm <https://www.freestylephoto.biz/174022-Awagami-Platinum-Gampi-Uncoated-Art-Paper-for-Platinum-Printing-60gsm>

I bet it is available in other countries because it comes from Japan.

It is pricey, I know. It is unbuffered which of course is great with cyanotype. 

It has a beautiful satiny sheen. 

It coats well. The solution doesn’t sink through the paper and when exposed it is very even. I tape it down and use a brush loaded with chemistry; I do not pour the chems onto the paper.

It is one of the few papers I have tested that is fine without an acid development. It has at least a 1.8 ES with plain water development (longer with acid) and a navy blue color. I can’t measure the DR for you because I don’t have a densitometer until next week. I finally bit the bullet and bought a used one on eBay. I’ve been printing all papers with a 4x5 31-step wedge so I can observe the ES.

With vinegar and citric it leans turquoise. With sulfamic it leans purple. Caveat: I am using classic cyanotype at only a 10% ferric ammonium citrate/10% potassium ferricyanide so YRMV, but UVBL exposures are 12-19 minutes with acid development.

It has great wet strength.

I think that sums it up. Fun to find another unbuffered paper to add to our arsenal; they are so very few and far between! They also carry Awagami Mitsumata but I did not like it half as well as the Gampi, but it is unbuffered, too.


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