[Alt-photo] Book on Pt-Pd photography published

Mike Ware mike at mikeware.co.uk
Tue Dec 5 15:51:51 UTC 2017

The long-awaited text on Platinum and Palladium Photographs: Technical History, Connoisseurship, and Preservation, edited by Constance McCabe, is now published and orders are shipping. The maintenance of image quality entailed some reprinting, hence the regrettable delay, but I think you will find the final outcome very worthwhile. Details are here:

http://www.conservation-us.org/resources/our-publications/specialty-group/photographic-materials/platinum-pmg#.WiaeqbZ0eV5 <http://www.conservation-us.org/resources/our-publications/specialty-group/photographic-materials/platinum-pmg#.WiaeqbZ0eV5>

I know of no other specialist text of this scope and depth. It was a privilege and a pleasure to collaborate with the 46 “Platinistas” who contributed to it, and I think between us we have raised a landmark in the historiography of alternative photographic processes.


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