[Alt-photo] Book on Pt-Pd photography published (Mike Ware)

Mike Ware mike at mikeware.co.uk
Thu Dec 7 14:12:44 UTC 2017

Greetings Kim,

So glad you find the 'Platinotome' rewarding - it seems a long time since that workshop at the National Gallery of Art. But as you observe, the book does contain much recent research that was not discussed at the 2014 Symposium. If I can single out just one scientific contribution it would be Matt Clarke’s analytical studies of the comparative effectiveness of the clearing procedures for the avoidance of iron(III) stains on ageing, and his collaboration with Dana Hemmenway on the use of chelating agents. There is also some excellent electron microscopy that nicely confirms what we had long surmised about the correlation of nanoparticle size with image colours produced at different relative humidities.
I have told Connie that she (+45!) has established a landmark in the literature of the platinum-palladium processes.

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