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Mark Nelson ender100 at aol.com
Thu Dec 7 16:27:18 UTC 2017

Renaissance Wax is really good for metals and wood.  I’ve used it for years.  It definitely does not yellow and is a very hard, very shiny surface. 

I am not a big fan of waxed prints.  I think it is  a false gain. In some cases you are going to attract soil to the print you have tried so hard to make archival.  Why not do a gum over or just make a silver print. I guess I don’t like making a process appear like something it isn’t. 

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> Please remember that bees wax is no longer recommended because it tends to yellow over time. As I was reminded a few months ago, what I have been using all along is microcrystalline wax which I prepare myself but you can easily buy Renaissance Wax. Microcrystalline wax is carefully purified petroleum wax and, if use with the correct solvent, does not yellow. 

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