[Alt-photo] To wax or not to wax?

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     I thought I had several formulas for print waxes buried away but 
can't find them. No doubt due to having too many books in storage. I did 
find one suggestion in "Photographic Facts and Formulas" c.1940 to use 
the same was suggested for ferrotype tins. This is
Paraffin wax  0.6 grams
benzene       30 ml

Some other solvent such as toluene will work, benzene is bad stuff.
    I have no idea how this works.
    Its also suggested in some older books that plain old floor wax or 
furniture wax will do. Never tried it.
    Waxing was done in the paper negative process to make the paper 
negatives or intermediate positives more transparent and reduce the 
paper texture showing through.

On 12/6/2017 12:40 AM, Victor Malakhov via Alt-photo-process-list wrote:
> Hi Rob,
> I sometimes wax my cyanos in order to get glossier, clearer image with
> better  micro  contrasts.  There  is  actually no need to increase the
> permanence of a cyano, it's long living enough. But still you will get
> some  more protection and stability of the surface. The only point you
> have  to  consider: the cerate coat will tone your image slightly warm
> and  is  quite  prone  to  dust  and other impurities which are flying
> around and can be attracted by the coat.
> I make my cerate for coating by myself, for that you need the best and
> clearest beewax (cera), turpentine and damar resin. I can give you the
> precise recipe later if you need. Or you can just look it up in one of
> the  books  by  Peter  Mrhar,  I  think it was in the book to the salt
> prints.
> The finish mixture is kind of a soft paste, which you can easily apply
> to  the picture's surface with a piece of clear cotton cloth formed to
> a  ball.  Then  I  polish  it with a second ball or even with a harder
> brush - just like you would do it with your shoes :)
> best,
> Victor
>> Hi All,
>> I was wondering what folks think about waxing prints. Does it make
>> a difference to the image either visually or to its permanence? If
>> you recommend it, what is your process?
>> Thanks
>> Rob
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