[Alt-photo] LightMeasure UV meters - a second production run...

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Fri Dec 8 17:01:29 UTC 2017

Hello Ian,

I would love to order a meter!

Thank you,
Jennifer Gioffre
Tjaden Hall Teaching Support Specialist
College of Architecture Art and Planning
Cornell University
102a Tjaden Hall 
Ithaca, NY 14853
t.  607-255-4207
f.  607-255-3462
Jmg393 at cornell.edu
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    Hello everyone, this is Ian Parker from LightMeasure.com
    Many of you purchased a UV dose meter / integrator during our recent 'one
    time' production run. The level of interest was very gratifying - many
    thanks to all of you who participated.
    But some of you missed out and we would like to try to rectify that. So we
    are considering a repeat production run. In order to gauge the level of
    interest for doing this, please let us know if you would like a meter. If
    we have sufficient interest we'll make another batch.
    Our store is open at www.LightMeasure.com
    <http://www.lightmeasure.com/> (although
    you will see that our stock is currently depleted). Here you will be able
    to see the details and specifications of the meters.
    *** Please let us know if you are interested using the 'contact us' tab at
    our website rather than burdening this forum ***
    We'd also be very grateful if you would circulate this to any colleagues
    who might not otherwise read this.
    Many thanks, hope we can make this work!
    Ian Parker
    Alt-photo-process-list | altphotolist.org

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