[Alt-photo] Production run for LightMeasure UV meters is going ahead - you can now place an order

Ian Parker ianparker3 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 14 22:22:06 UTC 2017

 Hello everyone,

This is Ian Parker from LightMeasure.com, with information about the
production run for our UV meters.

We are delighted to say that we received enough requests to make this
fabrication run viable. So we have reopened the store to take orders. Thank
you all for your interest (and particular thanks to Jacques Kevers for his
help with spreading the word).

So here are the details:

1) Please go to the store (www.LightMeasure.com) to place your order.
Please understand that any previous communications you may have had with us
were ONLY to indicate your interest in this project. They were NOT your

2) From the website you can see technical details of the meters, see
examples of use, read the FAQs and the get all the details of pricing and
shipping. If you are based outside of the US, please read about possible
customs duties so you aren’t surprised later.

3) If you are still interested you can place your order at the website. We
offer a secure credit card system (we do not get to see your credit card
numbers) as well as PayPal.

4) Since this is a limited production run, the store will only be
temporarily reopened. It will close again in 2 weeks’ time (on Dec. 31st
2017). We can’t accept any orders after this date. At the end of this
period we will order sufficient components for the orders we received.

5) Delivery Time: Some of the components have a 4 week lead time and
construction will take a further 2-4 weeks (depending on the number of
orders we receive). In addition, there is the shipping time, which can be
up to 2 weeks for Europe/Asia/South America (although only 2-3 days in
mainland US). So the earliest you will receive your meters will be around
the end of February / early March. We will do everything we can to speed
things along but there is no way to easily expedite this.

6) We will send out regular updates to advise you how the fabrication is

7) Shipping will be via US Postal Service (which we have found to be the
cheapest and very reliable), and tracking information will be provided.

Thanks again for your interest.

Best regards,

Ian Parker


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