[Alt-photo] Kallitype issue

Robert Krawiec robk64 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 20 03:29:58 UTC 2017

Hi All,
I was wondering if there are any kallitype experts out there that can help me with an issue...
I'm seeing these strange white spots on my prints. They are about 1mm in diameter, usually 2 to 5 per print. At first I thought they were paper fragments or sensitizer stains on my contact frame glass, but I've eliminated those possibilities. It also isn't paper-dependent as it  occurred with 3 different papers.
This was my second printing session of the week using the same developer (50% ammonium citrate developer mixed with 50% sodium acetate). I noticed a lot of black particles in the developer, so perhaps this is the source of the white spots? I did replenish the developer after the first session, adding 100ml fresh.
Another thought I had was that the fix was the issue, with perhaps undesolved sodium thiosulfate sitting on the paper and bleaching it.
Anyhow, does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?
Rob K.

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