[Alt-photo] The Carbon Print, a new book on carbon transfer, available soon.

John Lockhart john at johnlockhart.net
Sun Jan 1 00:41:47 UTC 2017

I wanted to announce *The Carbon Print* a new book on carbon
transfer printing I have co-authored with Sandy King. We've been working on
the book for the last year and it will be available as an eBook before the
end of January. *The Carbon Print* is the only modern and comprehensive
guide to the craft. Highlights include:

- Advice and tips for beginning printers
- Complete procedures for single and double transfer
- Complete guide to supplies and materials manufacture
- Digital negative guide including Sandy's custom all gray inkset
- Approximately 100 full color images of artist's prints and working
- Detailed troubleshooting guide and supplier reference
- Guide to color carbon
- Downloadable in .pdf and ePub formats
- Anticipated price of 24.95

You can find more information on the book, download a preview, and signup
for a notification when it is ready for purchase at:



- John

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