[Alt-photo] Chrysotype, AFO and AFC

C.Breukel at lumc.nl C.Breukel at lumc.nl
Mon Jan 2 11:56:42 UTC 2017

First a happy New Year to all of you !

I do not post very often these days, I am more into silver gelatine, but this last week I had  some time to get back to alt printing. I decided to get back to the Chrysotype process (printing with gold). The light sensitive component is Ammonium iron(III) oxalate, but I found out that the stock solution was off, the gold precipitated immediately after adding the AFO (a test with a drop of Potassium Ferric Cyanide turned nicely Prussian blue in a second..). Having only Ammonium iron(III) citrate at hand (for Cyanotype), I tried the AFC.

It did work, but my printing times were very long (1.5 hour on my UV bank on a double coated Chrysotype, Pyro neg), Dmax not very convincing.  I know that my GoldChloride solution is on the weak side (about 7%) but still I wonder: is AFC much slower in printing than AFO ?

Thanks & best,


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