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Thu Jan 5 14:50:45 UTC 2017

Hello List,

Please excuse my deviation from our normal topic of discussion.  While color darkrooms are hard to find these days I am hope that there is one out there that I could donate equipment to.  I have a Kreonite 32” RA-4 processor that I am decomissioning from my lab at Cornell University.  As it stands now the unit and all of the spare parts (brand new) are slated for the trash which feel just oh so wrong. If anyone, or any institution/buisness is interested in the parts or the entire unit I would be happy to donate everything that we have. If you are interested or know someone who is interested please email me at darkroommanager at cornell.edu The unit is currently dismanteled and needs to be removed ASAP to make space for our new digital lab.

Here is a list of what is available:
Kreonite PM2-3123-RA4 (30”)
·         Motor Bushings replaced last year
·         Recirc pumps and heaters (blix and dev) replaced in 2013
·         Motherboard replaced in 2012
·         Developer and Blix replenisher tanks
Replacement parts
·         3: replenishment line hooks
·         Recirc pump K3-1050-01
·         Heater assembly 07-35-029-3_
·         Valve assembly 07-25-006-54
·         Probe assembly 07-39-294-__
·         Guide, chain 07-45-105-1
·         2: Snap rings 07-43-012-5
·         4: Clip exit roller only shaft retainer 07-43-052-1
·         4: 15-amp fuse k4-1122-33
·         Valve Ball k2-1714-10
·         Nut, tubbing compression k2-1369-02
·         Gear 02-43-021-421
·         Roller socks

Thank you,
Jennifer Gioffre
Tjaden Hall Teaching Support Specialist
College of Architecture Art and Planning
Cornell University
102a Tjaden Hall 
Ithaca, NY 14853
t.  607-255-4207
f.  607-255-3462
Jmg393 at cornell.edu
Darkroommanager at cornell.edu
AAPstore at cornell.edu

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