[Alt-photo] Gum Print on Wood

udo.schnitzbauer at uzh.ch udo.schnitzbauer at uzh.ch
Sun Jan 29 20:39:16 UTC 2017

Dear List, 

since a few months I tried gum printing on wood like the artist Massimo Attardi http://www.co-mag.net/2007/massimo-attardi-bichromate-gum/ 10 years ago.
There is a video of one of his trials: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Esaq4jv8EQo

My last experiments are not so successful:

The right picture: 

Material: Plywood (DIN A3)
Priming: Bright red watercolor
After drying surface was rough....

Black Mixture: a) 1 g 780 Ivory Black Schmincke Watercolour + 12 ml Gum-Solution + 12 ml saturated Potassium dichromate solution
Tried to coat the board, but color covering was bad....so I add to the rest of the mixture approximately 0.6 g more watercolor and got a good covering.
Exposure 8 min 
Wash: 16 min
Then brushed with soft brush.

The left picture:

Same material, but priming with Liquitex Gloss Medium & Varnish https://www.liquitex.com/glossmediumvarnish/ plus bright red acrylic paint.
Sizing: 3% gelatin solution hardened with 2.5 glutaraldehyde solution (100 ml + 1 ml), dried o.n.
Coating: 1 g 780 Ivory Black Schmincke Watercolour + 3 ml Gum-Solution + 4.5 ml saturated Potassium dichromate solution
Not so good covering
Exposure 8 min UV
Wash: 5 min
Then brushed with soft brush and soft strokes.

Few ideas:

a) Acrylic Gesso https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gesso#Acrylic_.22gesso.22 from Boesner http://www.boesner.ch/shop/farben/malhilfsmittel/fuer-farben/gesso-1#708574 combined with marble powder and water (1:1:1 mentioned in James Book of Alternative photographic processes) where the marble powder is replaced with bright red pigment or acrylic/water color added. 

b) Gelatin solution with glutaraldehyde solution plus bright red pigment applied on the raw surface of the wooden board.

Other suggestions and experience gladly welcome...



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