[Alt-photo] off the wall question

Jean Daubas jean.daubas at gmail.com
Sat Jul 1 07:02:40 UTC 2017

Hi Bob,

I follow on Denny’s advice, with a minimal variation: he uses /*clear 
*/plastic sheeting when I use */white /*plastic sheeting. Very 
economical and ‘flexible’ solution, easy and fast to install or replace.

I see another advantage: when you need to fix something to your wall, 
there is no problem to go through this plastic sheet (for a screw, a 
nail, a pin, etc.).

‘Alternative cheers from France,’


Le 01/07/2017 à 01:41, Denny via Alt-photo-process-list a écrit :
> Bob, you might consider covering your "absorbent" wood with clear plastic
> sheeting.  Easy to clean up, resistant to staining, and cheap to replace.
> This works for me.  And never trust anyone with a spotless darkroom...
> Denny

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