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>From my perspective there are a few physical and aesthetic differences between digital printing and alt photo printing that are quite obvious. 

1) In most alt processes (except albumen, POP and, perhaps a few others) there is no "undercoating" (used to be baryta in silver gelatin paper) between the paper and the sensitizer where as most digital papers (and the vast majority of silver gelatin papers) have this undercoating. The undercoating, in addition to many other things, yields finer detail in the finished print whereas, its absence allows the texture of the paper surface/fibers to be visible in all tones and areas of the alt print because the sensitizer soaks, at least partially, into the paper. I love the aesthetic effect of this and it does also gently soften finer details. 

2) There is a significant difference between an image made with digital inkjet pigments laid down on the above mentioned undercoating and receiver layer and prints made with gum (very textured) and pt/pd (slightly textured). 

Much more to be said but I am about to go into a meeting... 


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Somewhat of a vague question I suppose. 
I don't really care for the super sharp super clean look of straight digital images. Too much of a recording for my tastes. 
My question is about how an image made with a digital camera translates into a Gum print or a Platinum print. 
Does a Gum print do away with the "digital" look? Would a platimun print, by its nature being less manipulated then a Gum still accomplish this? 

I doubt I've articulated this very well but maybe you get the idea. 


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