[Alt-photo] Framing and shipping prints for show.

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Thanks, Bill. I am driving down to deliver and hang them. I have a friend who lives there and I  will stay there for a out a week. Getting them back though will require shipping them.

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Like you, I also like glass. I will give you no advice, however will tell you what I would do. This sounds like a one person show. I'd use glass, load them in my car and head south.  Bill "Don't like no stinking plastic" Barber

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Subject: [Alt-photo] Framing and shipping prints for show.

I've got a show coming up in September in San Luis Obispo, CA and I live 

near Seattle. All the other shows I've had were here in Washington and 

driving to the site was not an issue.  This time either I need to make a 

long drive to deliver and pick up my work or I need to ship it which 

I've never done. There will be Twenty to twenty-four 11x14 prints.

I could use some advice on two issues.

First: I have always used glass with my frames but this time, if I ship 

them, I'm considering acrylic to reduce weight and avoid breakage. Maybe 

with UV protection but not the glare-free. any thoughts on this?

Second: Any recommendations on shipping?

Dan Williams

Enumclaw WA


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