[Alt-photo] QTR suddenly printing thin

Kees Brandenburg workshops at polychrome.nl
Thu Jul 6 08:37:31 UTC 2017

>  I have tried uninstalling all of QTR

Hi Jennifer,

As the printer prints ok with one computer and the epson driverr, it’s not the printer. To me it looks like QTR is printing without applying the curve. Did you do any upgrades on this computer that might have conflicted with QTR or your print system? How did you uninstall QTR?

I would completely remove and reinstall QTR from scratch. If you’re on a mac do this:

In system preferences: remove the quad printer
In applications: remove the QuadToneRIP folder
In /Library/Printers: remove the folder QTR
if you don’t see the Library folder in the root of your HDdo this:IGo to the ‘Go’ menu in the Finder and select 'Go to Folder’. Then type /Libray/Printers to enter that folder.

When all files are removed download and install the latest version of QTR and reinstall your curves.



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