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Kurt Nagy kakarott76 at hotmail.com
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The Pancro film is brand new.


Unsure about the COT 160, I've only ever used the 320 for Gum.  Couldn't you still get COT320 prior to this, you just had to go through Bergger themselves?  Its been several years since I ordered some (I need to restock) but last order I placed was by calling Bergger.

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Dear All,

I notice Bergger film and paper and uncoated paper (Cot) are all back and available at Freestyle, included the Pancro 400 films. I also noticed, for the first time—or have I just missed it?—that Bergger offers two weights of paper, a Cot 160 and a Cot 320. Has this always been the case, the two weights?

I found the lighter weight Arches Platine too thin for my tastes but I imagine it would be great for platinum or albumen.

http://www.freestylephoto.biz/search?attr%5B%5D=62-353&mfg%5B%5D=175&q=bergger%20cot%20160 <http://www.freestylephoto.biz/search?attr[]=62-353&mfg[]=175&q=bergger%20cot%20160>


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