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Those of you near the Harvard area this fall might want to attend the salted paper symposium. Below is the lineup of speakers and the URL will lead you to the 

http://www.conservation-us.org/courses/professional-development-courses/current-courses/salted-paper-prints-symposium-and-workshop#.WWZPLsbMzmI <http://www.conservation-us.org/courses/professional-development-courses/current-courses/salted-paper-prints-symposium-and-workshop#.WWZPLsbMzmI>

Salted Paper Prints Symposium
September 14 – 15, 2017 Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Overview of Salt Print Collections at Harvard
Melissa Banta, Weissman Preservation Center, Harvard Library, Harvard University
The Harrison D. Horblit Collection of Early Photography
Hope Mayo, Houghton Library, Harvard University
Non-destructive Analysis of Coatings on Early Photographs
Elena Bulat, Weissman Preservation Center, Harvard Library, Harvard University
Using Specular Reflection FTIR for Chemical Analysis of Cultural Heritage Objects
Arthur McClelland, Center for Nanoscale Systems, Harvard University
Henry and the Kitchen
Larry Schaaf, Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford
Fundamentals of Salt Print Chemistry and History
Mark Osterman, George Eastman Museum
The Evolution of Salted Paper Print Processes During the 1850s: Published Recipes
John McElhone, Canadian Photography Institute of the National Gallery of Canada

Commercial Salted Papers in the United States, 1860-1900
Katherine Mintie, University of California, Berkeley

Early Photographic Map Reproductions
Adrienne Lundgren, Library of Congress

Linnaeus Tripe and Lightly Albumenized Prints in the 1850s
Sarah Wagner, National Gallery of Art
“Divided ye may fall—united ye must stand”: Photography in the United States Patent Office
Mazie Harris, Sarah Freeman, J. Paul Getty Museum Department of Photographs

The Calotype Negative Process According to the Modus Operandi of Artist Luigi Sacchi (1805-1861): Technique and Aesthetic of an Eclectic Pioneer of Photography in Italy Sandra Petrillo, SMPhoto Conservation Studio

The History and Chemistry of Platinum-Toned Salted Paper Prints
Joan Walker, Ronel Namde, National Gallery of Art

The Exhibition of Salted Paper Prints from Italy: A Technical Case Study from the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Lisa Barro, Katie Sanderson, Silvia Centeno, Beth Saunders, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Inexact Replicas: Issues in Exhibiting William Henry Fox Talbot’s Salted Paper Prints
Dan Leers, Carnegie Museum of Art

Use of High-Resolution Multispectral Imaging and Analysis Systems for the Long-Term Monitoring of Salted Paper Prints and for Evaluation of the Intrinsic Permanence Characteristics of Contemporary Salted Paper Prints Made with a Variety of Process Variations

Henry Wilhelm, Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc., Ken Boydston, MegaVision, Inc., Mike Robinson, Ryerson University, John McElhone, Canadian Photography Institute of the National Gallery of Canada, Greg Hill and Season Tse, Canadian Conservation Institute

Maximum Information with Minimum Exposure: Characterization of Salted Paper Prints with Digital Imaging
Jiuan Jiuan Chen, Theresa Smith, Courtney Helion, Art Conservation Department at SUNY Buffalo State

Development and Testing of a Methodology for the Identification of Salt Print and Calotype Coatings  Utilizing Py-GC/MS
Art Kaplan, Michael Schilling, Getty Conservation Institute

Minimally Invasive Sampling of Surface Coatings on Salted Prints for Protein Identification by Peptide Mass Fingerprinting
Dan Kirby, Richard Newman, Annette Manick, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

A Closer Look: Coated Photographs in Eduard Isaac Asser’s Family Albums (1845-1856)
Rosina Herrera Garrido, Rijksmuseum

Contemporary Approaches to Salted Paper
Christina Anderson, Montana State University
Pencil of Technology: Salt Prints from Natural Salt Water with Varying Salinity
Courtney Johnson, University of North Carolina, Wilmington

Mechanisms of Controlling Staining and Aesthetic Appearance of the Salted Paper Print
Ellie Young, Gold Street Studios

Teaching with Photographs at the Harvard Art Museums
David Odo, Laura Muir, Harvard Art Museums

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