[Alt-photo] paper filters

Bob Cornelis bob at colorfolio.com
Fri Jul 14 18:45:38 UTC 2017

I'm continuing to get occasional problems with my Ware cyanotype prints -
the symptom is a rash of crystalline-looking patches lighter in color than
the surrounding areas. Happens 25-50% of the time lately. They usually come
in bunches vs just one or two. They look like crystals or snowflakes. They
are evident in the print once the exposure is complete though not after
just coating. I have had this happen on several different papers so I don't
believe it is that. It does not happen ever on my pt/pd prints. I let my
prints dry in a drawer for about an hour before exposing, so there is very
little moisture left in the prints. I coat with a Richeson 9010 brush, just
bought a brand new one and it is still happening.

So I'm thinking it must be in my sensitizer, which I'm mixing myself
according to the "newer" instructions from Mike Ware (no grinding with
mortar but rather using higher water temps). I use distilled water.

One thing I'm wondering is if some contamination might be getting in the
sensitizer from the paper filters I'm using to strain the solution - I'm
just using "100 % Natural" white coffee filters from the market.

Does anyone think this might be the culprit and do you have a
recommendation about what paper filters would be better and where to get

If not, other thoughts about what might be going on with my sensitizer?


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