[Alt-photo] Fusion 4000

udo.schnitzbauer at uzh.ch udo.schnitzbauer at uzh.ch
Mon Jul 17 11:39:21 UTC 2017

Dear List, 

for gum printing I use the Fusion 4000 Dry Mounting Tissue in combination with acrylic sheets.
After printing I heat the stuff to get the print free. Mostly it worked fine, but sometimes the adhesive film was sticking to the paper and I ruined a few prints if I tried to remove the film.
I found a nice solution: Ethanol 99.99% in a spray bottle. 
If you put it on a corner you can remove the print (paper) and the adhesive, too. Mostly the adhesive film came off in one piece and no stuff is sticking on the print or the acrylic sheets.
Do not know if it works with 96% or 94% Ethanol.



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