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Wed Jul 19 20:03:38 UTC 2017

Thanks for your suggestion Marek! Yes. That is what I’m toying with.

The way my current creation, PiezoDN (a set of curves and ink that rely on QTR), works is the dMax (densest part of the neg) is always maxed out. It never changes and is bullet-proof (between 3.2 and 4.7 optical density and way more UV) . This way you always get paper-white no-matter what medium you are printing with provided you are also controlling for chemical fog, etc. The NEXT patch (let’s say patch 255 out of 256 patches) is the key though. It is the one that has a very specific density that is related to the the individual medium and allows for near paper white (1/256 darker than paper white). I’d like to keep it like that for safety and simplicity.

I guess I could make that patch be the media type scale if I was going to do it that way. hmmm. . . .

That said, there are very specific intermediary density differences between say Salt and Cyanotype where Cyanotype is a very shallow (flat) density slope in the middle with steep slopes at the clear and dense ends, and salt has a very different middle angle. If I generalize too much, the driver won’t be useful for a vast amount of people and would require a lot of calibration to get started.

I would like to do something not too medium specific but not too general either . . . . I like the idea of setting density range as the name (we did this originally with Piezography dig neg more than half a decade ago) but need another way to delineate the curve slope (angle) and also shadow ramp slope (angle). Then it gets very mathy for anyone to figure out . . . any old timer hear have language that would work for something like that?

all the best,

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