[Alt-photo] Darkroom Print Driver

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Wed Jul 19 20:31:47 UTC 2017

These are the optical density master plots (very rough mind you, not smoothed) that I’m working off of.  Ink is monochrome so I don’t deal w/ UV spectrum stuff at moment.


They create linear prints in the darkroom (with specific formula and film and exposure mind you. They are not universal reference points but are pretty good starting points.)

The main thing I notice is Cyanotype has a totally different density slope than say Pt/Pd both in the middle and ends. So a formulaic approach will not get close or will favor one medium over another.

Maybe I do increments from 4 to 1 and add “low contrast” option . . . . for cyano and gum etc.  That sound good and workable? It’s a conundrum . . . I wish there were film density slope standards like in the silver days . . . .


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