[Alt-photo] removing old casein from glass

Matti Koskinen mjkoskin at gmail.com
Thu Jul 20 20:14:59 UTC 2017

hi all,

I found old casein prints on glass plates. As I'm always broke and short 
of glass plates, I would like to re-use the plates. What are best 
methods to remove the hardened casein?

and to Alt family tree:

I tried my first gum print and cyano probably 1972 (I was 14-yrs old), I 
had my grandpa's old book (printed 1921) "Young Experimenters and 
Inventors book" by Ilmari Jäämaa and later inspired by Jalo Porkkala's 
cyanos on the web. Then the public library had Keepers of Light, and 
after that I was hooked. I've tried cyanos with different methods, gum, 
casein and tempera. One casein print I have sold, and several others 
donated (just to get rid of them).


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