[Alt-photo] gum 'solarisation' issue

John Brewer john at johnbrewerphotography.com
Sun Jul 30 17:27:37 UTC 2017

Hi guys

What could cause gum to solarise? It's happening in the light tones, all
the dark tones are fine. Stouffer step 1 half on/half off substrate the
same. Gradients are fine until step 10 and then it gets darker until step
21. Step 21 visually looks like between step 4 and 5

I'm not doing anything different from the past; gum mixed by me 14 Baume,
13% pot dichromate, M Graham ivory black pigment, FAEW HP 300gsm paper,
colorbyte substrate, UV source. As soon as paper is dry it's immediately
exposed and then developed. I can't think I'm doing anything different than
I have in the past. While I do have a new printer - Epson P600, it's not
just that as it's happening on my Stouffer too.



John Brewer
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