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Check what is used on air compressors for spray painting. If I remember correctly they use various devices to clean the ait of moisture before feeding it to the spraygun.

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I did a little further research yesterday, finding the issue interesting.
And I came across a solution on the science madness forum(sorry lost the
link). They suggested sticking the outlet tube into a container filled with
sand, this seemed to absorb any oil mists while passing trough the air
without creating considerable resistance to the air flow. This has the big
benefit of sand being a cheap to replace material. In this case it is very
important though to make sure you use some sort of thin filter(coffee
filter perhaps?) around the hose to prevent any possible blowback sucking
sand into your vacuum pump.

Well so far my two cents, good luck!

Met vriendelijke groet,
Rowan Bloemhof
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On 18 June 2017 at 02:54, Matti Koskinen <mjkoskin at gmail.com> wrote:

> Thanks Rowan,
> I've looked on Ebay, Edwards filters are many times more expensive than my
> pump. On Aliexpress there are only a couple of filter models available.
> 3M-masks I have, may have quite dense enough paper for one's own filter
> hacks. Biggest problem is, that I have not found a suitable threaded
> adapter, that would fit the exhaust hole, I've 3D-printed many, but none of
> them fit well.
> thanks
> -m
> On 17.06.2017 14:04, rowan Bloemhof wrote:
> Matti, I am pretty sure you can buy dedicated filters to remedy this
> problem. Have a look on eBay searching for "oil mist filter" or "oil mist
> eliminator". They can come at a pretty steep price though, so it might be
> worth considering to build a filter of sorts yourself.
> Met vriendelijke groet,
> Rowan Bloemhof
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