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Check out this research project:


His methods might differ from yours in terms of paper , chemistry and other variables. 

You should try your own research and print a small image with a 31 step standard step tablet varying the time between coating and exposure. 

When Dick Arentz first tried my Precision Digital Negatives System, he sent me a calibration to review.  Each step included a 31 step tablet.  When I graphed them and compared them I noticed a loss in length of scale, so I asked him if he coated all the paper for the calibration at the same time then took a couple of days to leisurely complete the steps.  He said he did , but wondered how I knew that.  I then showed him the graph of the printed step tablets. 

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> I may have asked this before and, if so, here we go again. After coating and drying paper with pt/pd sensitizer solution and drying it, I often let it sit for a while (half hour to hour) and then rehumidify/expose/process the paper...as I feel most of us have done.

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