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I used to coat all my sheet the day before  and print the day after for a
big work I did  ( large 20x24 print). I dry them fully and let keep them
dry all night before humidyfing them the day after and print. I find that
with my system , longer time than 24 hours arent' good for the print . But
my  system to keep them dry wasn't as perfect as it need.

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> I may have asked this before and, if so, here we go again. After coating
> and drying paper with pt/pd sensitizer solution and drying it, I often let
> it sit for a while (half hour to hour) and then rehumidify/expose/process
> the paper...as I feel most of us have done.
> THE QUESTION: How long can one let coated, dried paper sit before
> rehumidifying and exposing it? I feel that up to an hour is no big deal but
> what about 4 hours? 8 hours? 12 hours? Remember that the Palladio company
> used to sell precoated pt/pd paper and it worked reasonably well. I cut my
> alt photo teeth on that stuff in the mid 90s. In their case it sat for days
> or weeks at least.
> The reason I ask is that I am hoping to be able to either coat at night
> and rehumidify/expose/process the next morning or coat in the early morning
> and rehumidify/expose/process that evening. I am guessing that I would have
> to do with the test strip(s) exactly the same procedure as I will do with
> the actual print...there by eliminating the variable of sitting time.
> All thoughts welcome but actual experiences with this more welcome! LOL!!!
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