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As others have said, the Amergraph ULF-28 is a great unit. It has some neat features like automatic vacuum shut-off after exposure is complete and 10 user-defined memorized exposure settings. The exposure area is 28 inches wide which is just enough wider than the 26-1K to allow you to use full sheets of paper for large prints in some cases. 

The only knock on it for me is that the starter can be sensitive to line voltage variations which can cause the lamp to stop mid-exposure.   I had to call Amergraph and let them walk me through changing the minimum voltage setting in the lamp housing and after doing that I rarely have that issue any more unless the lamp gets really hot because of repeated exposures. 

All that said, with patience and little luck, NuArc units can often be found used for very little money. A local printing workshop here in Asheville found a functioning unit for $100 that only needed the vacuum frame glass replaced. And spare parts are still available for these units and they are modular enough that most repairs can be done quite easily.

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> For the past 10 years I’ve been printing with a homemade BLB exposure unit with a Gralab timer. I recently had the opportunity to print with a NuArc exposure unit and it was FABULOUS!  I really enjoy the light meter that is built in for exposure consistency and the vacuum frame. I believe that NuArcs are no longer made. I would like to buy a new (not used) machine just like the NuArc, does anyone know if something like it is made today?
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