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Thanks, Mark!  I've owned a NuArc for ten years and I've learned a lot from
this!  For instance, I always thought the "safety glass" was just that:  to
contain the shards from an errantly exploding bulb.  DIdn't realize it had
a purpose in reducing hot spots.  Mine is absent any glass and has the
safety switch duct taped.

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> Jennifer,
> https://www.mrprint.com/equipment/26-1ks-metal-halide-platemaker
> As others have said, NUARC exposure units are still being made. I live
> near Chicago and their repair and parts facility is nearby. In fact I am
> having lunch about 10 minutes from their facility, M&R.  I have two units
> that I bought used. I replaced the glass in one and NUARC replaced the
> bladder of the vacuum frame in the other.
> I do prefer the NUARC over the Amergraph. For the following reasons:
> 1.  Two of my students who bought Amergraph had electrical/bulb failures
> right away.
> 2.  Unless they have changed the fabrication process, the entire body of
> the Amergraph is welded together. This makes moving it difficult. On the
> other hand, the NUARC stand can easily be removed and the exposure hood can
> easily be separated from the vacuum frame. All by removing a few bolts.
> This makes it easy to transport and to carry.  It also allows you to set it
> on a counter instead of the stand.  It also lets you use the vacuum frame
> with tubes if you want an alternate light source occasionally---say tubes
> for a softer source than point source.
> 3.  I think the NUARC's are cheaper and there are lots of them out there
> to buy used.
> Maybe the only 2 things I think Amergraph has going for it is the faster
> UV bulb and the Silver Gelatin light source (I think you could rig this
> easily on a NUARC).
> If you want to buy a used NUARC, call local print shops and see if they
> have one they have retired.  Some people have gotten them for $100
> delivered. New ones are over $3,000 I believe for 26-1K unit.
> Make sure the vacuum works well and holds at lower levels without leaks.
> Check vacuum table glass for scratches and chips--easily replaced.
> Look under the hood: just below the light bulb you should see a square
> piece of glass. I don't think the unit will run without this glass in
> place--it presses down a leaf spring type of contact switch. This glass is
> Pyrex glass and should have a rectangular formation of little black dots.
> They eliminate a hotspot in the center.  If the dots aren't there they may
> have replaced it with regular glass.  This is not good--order a
> replacement. You should gently clean this glass when you get the unit, it
> will probably be covered with dust. When you replace the glass, make sure
> you orient it with the long side of the pattern running left and right,
> instead of parallel with the lengthy direction of the bulb, which is from
> front to back.
> One final thing.  NUARCS come with two different positions for the light
> integrator that counts the units of light to give consistent exposures. One
> location is glued to the back edge on top of the vacuum frame glass. The
> other location is in the hood of the exposure device.  I prefer the latter
> and both of my units are set up this way. Here is why I like it under the
> hood:
> 1.  Integrator being in the hood puts it out of the way and that means
> less chance of damaging it.
> 2.  In the hood makes it easy to remove the glass top of the vacuum frame
> for inspection and cleaning.
> 3.  In the hood makes it easier to swap glass in the vacuum frame.
> NUARC might give you instructions for moving the integrator under the hood.
> Hope this is helpful.  I know I feel better hehehe
> Best Wishes,
> Mark Nelson
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> >> Hello list,
> >>
> >> For the past 10 years I?ve been printing with a homemade BLB exposure
> unit with a Gralab timer. I recently had the opportunity to print with a
> NuArc exposure unit and it was FABULOUS!  I really enjoy the light meter
> that is built in for exposure consistency and the vacuum frame. I believe
> that NuArcs are no longer made. I would like to buy a new (not used)
> machine just like the NuArc, does anyone know if something like it is made
> today?
> >>
> >> Thank you,
> >> Jennifer Gioffre
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