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> Hello list,
> For the past 10 years I’ve been printing with a homemade BLB exposure unit with a Gralab timer. I recently had the opportunity to print with a NuArc exposure unit and it was FABULOUS!  I really enjoy the light meter that is built in for exposure consistency and the vacuum frame. I believe that NuArcs are no longer made. I would like to buy a new (not used) machine just like the NuArc, does anyone know if something like it is made today?
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I have an Olec AK 1KS among other Olec units.  I use it with an Olec 
Integrator AI-131.  It looks like Olec has been absorbed by a company 
named Fabcon, at least that's what www.olec.com redirects to.  Lots of 
used units around, and FWIW I've always found Olec products well 
designed and very functional.  Good luck.

--greg schmitz

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