[Alt-photo] Possible paper issue

Marek Matusz marekmatusz at hotmail.com
Fri May 5 16:44:05 UTC 2017

Hi all
I wanted to see if anybody is seeing anything unusual with Revere platinum paper. 
I am doing salt prints and have observed what I would say random spotting issues. They only become apparent next day once the paper is all processed and dried. They look like the  Arches platine spots that everybody is experiencing now. But not as severe. As I said I don't see anything in the salting and sensitizing steps. Exposed prints look very normal. Finished prints have this light spots clearly visible through transmitted light. It only shows in the very light parts of the prints where the light grey or brown is spotted with very white spots almost pure paper base. 
I am thinking it is operator error but I have not been able to re-produce it at will. And sometimes it is one out of 6 prints sometimes 5 out of 6

Why I am leaning towards paper now after weeks of chasing it is the fact that I made a print that has a straight line through it and on one side it is all spots on the other no spots at all. Like in paper processing a roller or something that goes in a straight line

Thanks in advance for any observations 


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