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Marek Matusz marekmatusz at hotmail.com
Fri May 5 22:03:11 UTC 2017

Thank you for the notes. I have to add there is no issue with palladium printing. It is only salt 

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> On May 5, 2017, at 11:57 AM, Diana Bloomfield via Alt-photo-process-list <alt-photo-process-list at lists.altphotolist.org> wrote:
> Hi Marek,
> I've not had any issues personally, but I do have a friend (and I posted
> this here a couple of weeks ago) who was having some similar problems with
> the Revere Platinum-- she'd just bought it recently.  Since the problem
> seemed to disappear, she figured it was also 'operator error,' but then
> every few sheets, she'd have the problem again.  She never changed her
> working methods.  She was getting some random mottled spotting-- only in
> highlights, though she suspected it was in the dark areas, too, and maybe
> they just weren't as visible.
> As an aside, I also posted here some time ago-- for what it's worth-- that
> whenever I purchase the Arches Platine that has the π symbol directly
> underneath the P,  the paper is perfect.  People posted that this didn't
> matter, and that even the folks at Legion said it didn't matter.  But I
> recently picked up some again at my local Jerry's-- where it has always
> always had that mark under the P, and it was just as perfect as when the
> paper first came out.  I did ask if this was some they'd had in stock for a
> while, but they buy it frequently (and have always had that mark there).
> Every single time, the paper works like a charm.  So I just don't feel
> that's a fluke.  Whether people believe me or not, makes no difference to
> me.  I'm just stating my experience, and so I'll keep buying it at Jerry's.
> :)
> Diana
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> On Fri, May 5, 2017 at 12:44 PM, Marek Matusz via Alt-photo-process-list <
> alt-photo-process-list at lists.altphotolist.org> wrote:
>> Hi all
>> I wanted to see if anybody is seeing anything unusual with Revere platinum
>> paper.
>> I am doing salt prints and have observed what I would say random spotting
>> issues. They only become apparent next day once the paper is all processed
>> and dried. They look like the  Arches platine spots that everybody is
>> experiencing now. But not as severe. As I said I don't see anything in the
>> salting and sensitizing steps. Exposed prints look very normal. Finished
>> prints have this light spots clearly visible through transmitted light. It
>> only shows in the very light parts of the prints where the light grey or
>> brown is spotted with very white spots almost pure paper base.
>> I am thinking it is operator error but I have not been able to re-produce
>> it at will. And sometimes it is one out of 6 prints sometimes 5 out of 6
>> Why I am leaning towards paper now after weeks of chasing it is the fact
>> that I made a print that has a straight line through it and on one side it
>> is all spots on the other no spots at all. Like in paper processing a
>> roller or something that goes in a straight line
>> Thanks in advance for any observations
>> Marek
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