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I ran tests for Mitsubishi/Pictorico before they released the "newer" Ultra Premium Film. 

Negative Drying or Curing times will vary with the film you use. 

Curing time also varies with the brand of ink and the color of ink you use. 

Some printers have a much longer curing time, such as the old R1800 printers.  They were notorious for picking up dust that would flake off and leave pinholes in the negatives. 

As negatives cure, they lose density. I tend to make negatives one day and print them the next day with no worries. 

You can hurry up curing with heat, such as from a hair dryer.  I sometimes lay mine on my light table. 

You can read the changes in density as the colors cure with a UV Densitometer. 

As far as negatives sticking to the paper or plate material,  it is a factor of:

1.  How long the negatives/positives have cured. 
2.  What material or paper you are printing on. 
3.  How long you have let the coated paper dry and if you have avoided "runs".
4.  How much pressure you use in the vacuum frame.  5-10 on the NUARC is plenty. 

Hope this helps.  Depending on your practice and the above variables, the answer to the original question can vary. 

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Mark Nelson

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