[Alt-photo] Cyanotypes and Hard Water

David Christensen agitprop at telus.net
Mon May 8 03:36:28 UTC 2017

Ware's cyanotype process specifically mentions that it shouldn't be used 
with hard water - which is what we have in abundance here on the 
prairies.  So, I've been using distilled water to clear the paper after 
the sulfamic acid bath (I'm using FAEW) and after the acidic development 
and both work well.

But if I use our hard tap water in either step, I notice a difference, 
especially after using the sulfamic acid - if I use hard water there, I 
get a heavy green cast as soon as I've coated the paper.

Just curious if anyone using the Ware process with hard water is using 
something other than distilled water?  Is it advisable to try and lower 
the PH in the water and make it more acidic?  Or should I just stick 
with distilled water?


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