[Alt-photo] Cyanotypes and Hard Water

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Mon May 8 07:46:53 UTC 2017

Using distilled water for washing dealkalized paper or clearing is
overkill; you can use soft potable (drinking) water, or better invest on a
small reverse osmosis home water purification appliance. I do the latter at
home; I get high quality water (better than any drinking water supplier)
for consuming (incl. cooking), plus washing / clearing prints...


2017-05-08 6:36 GMT+03:00 David Christensen via Alt-photo-process-list <
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> Ware's cyanotype process specifically mentions that it shouldn't be used
> with hard water - which is what we have in abundance here on the prairies.
> So, I've been using distilled water to clear the paper after the sulfamic
> acid bath (I'm using FAEW) and after the acidic development and both work
> well.
> But if I use our hard tap water in either step, I notice a difference,
> especially after using the sulfamic acid - if I use hard water there, I get
> a heavy green cast as soon as I've coated the paper.
> Just curious if anyone using the Ware process with hard water is using
> something other than distilled water?  Is it advisable to try and lower the
> PH in the water and make it more acidic?  Or should I just stick with
> distilled water?
> Thanks.
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