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Changing the paper feed adjustment setting should only affect horizontal
banding, not perpendicular banding like Kerik is reporting. The latter is
typically caused by head alignment issues.

I have had the perpendicular banding on my Edson 11880 a few times and have
always been able to make it go away by setting the Paper Type to glossy in
the head alignment settings AND loading glossy paper in the printer for the
head alignment test. I haven't had to load Pictorico while doing the
alignment - I suspect that would work but would be a much more expensive

However it appears that not all Epson printer models allow you to specify
Paper Type, at least in the head alignment menu, so it's unclear if that is
always an option.


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> Funny,
> This problem seems to be cropping up a lot lately.
> One of my students solved the problem by setting the paper feed adjustment
> to -30 and adjusting paper thickness setting to thickness of Pictorico.
> The info on head alignment issues is interesting.
> Has anyone tried doing alignment with photo glossy media setting and
> Pictorico film loaded?
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> >
> > This is a recurring problem I've had with both an Epson 3880 and 7880
> printer. At times, I get banding perpendicular to the direction of print
> head movement.
> >
> > I've confirmed this effect by printing the same image rotated 90
> degrees. Check these links to see what I'm talking about. The problem is
> exaggerated in these images, but it's definitely there.
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