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Thanks, Bob, and for the off-list response. 

Apparently the 11880 and 7880 have different menu choices. There is no selection for paper type in the alignment menu on the 7880, only paper thickness. I've tried it on glossy paper and that alone doesn't seem to fix the problem.

After reading some other posts on this topic, I tried changing paper thickness to "Standard" rather than 0.1 or 0.2 mm (Pictorico OHP is about 0.15mm). I then ran the auto head alignment on a sheet of glossy photo paper. Things got better, but I think there's still a touch of the banding present. I've tried running auto head alignments before on Pictorico, but I sometimes get a sensor error from the printer and the alignment stops. Might have better success with Ultra OHP since it has more base fog. I will give that a try next, if I still have some Ultra on hand.

I'm hoping to find a definitive fix for this problem. Even if it's something that has to be repeated a regular basis, I just want to be able to make it go away with certainty.


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I had this same problem on my 11880 recently and tried all the normal things - lines perpendicular to head movement and somewhat broad like this are caused by head alignment issues, not nozzle clogs (which are sam direction as head and much thinner). After repeated head alignments that didn't help someone suggested that when I do the head alignment I should go into the Head Alignment menu and make sure I'm selecting a glossy photo paper type. On my printer that option is buried in the Paper Thickness part of the alignment menu, so you may have to poke around. Then run the head alignment on a glossy paper (I use Epson Glossy Photo) -  select the Premium Glossy 250 paper type in the menu.

Whenever I've done this the problem has immediately disappeared - that's the good news! The bad news is that, for me, the problem comes back after some time and you have to run the head alignment again, which does chew up a fair amount of paper. I didn't have this problem at all until I replaced my 11880 about a year ago, but I've had to realign 3 times with the new one. So it may be printer specific.


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> This is a recurring problem I've had with both an Epson 3880 and 7880 
> printer. At times, I get banding perpendicular to the direction of 
> print head movement.
> I've confirmed this effect by printing the same image rotated 90 degrees.
> Check these links to see what I'm talking about. The problem is 
> exaggerated in these images, but it's definitely there.
> https://www.dropbox.com/s/97traw3fojk39pu/File%20May%
> 2007%2C%202%2044%2023%20PM.jpeg?dl=0
> https://www.dropbox.com/s/cw2tj01h792k3l1/File%20May%
> 2007%2C%202%2044%2057%20PM.jpeg?dl=0
> I ran a power cleaning and auto head alignment. That made things a 
> little better. I then printed the negative again setting the platen 
> gap to maximum, and that helped more, but I think it's still barely there.
> I use QTR to make my negs. Obviously, this shows up much worse on 
> foggy images or images with broad areas of even tones. Has anyone else 
> seen this effect and do you have a fix for it or an explanation why it happens?
> Thank you,
> Kerik
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