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Hard to argue with success - but you mentioned 2 things your student did,
the other being changing the paper thickness. Given there is no mechanical
explanation as to why the feed adjustment would affect vertical banding, my
money would be on changing the paper thickness as what tipped the tide. It
would be interesting for someone to test this - maybe your client could
undo the feed adjustment change but leave the thickness change and see what

In my experience, changing the feed adjustment when it is needed to correct
horizontal banding can lead to other problems down the road (such as the
introduction of horizontal banding!) so it should only be done if

But maybe both are required in combination as part of some weird secret
handshake that makes it work - don't you love technology?


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> Bob,
> I would agree with you, except for the fact that in this case changing the
> paper feed adjustment appeared to solve the problem.
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> > Changing the paper feed adjustment setting should only affect horizontal
> > banding, not perpendicular banding like Kerik is reporting. The latter is
> > typically caused by head alignment issues
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