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This makes me very sad.  I had spoken to her husband about 6 months ago and he said she was very incapacitated by Alzheimer's.  I had the true pleasure of visiting her twice on two of my trips to NYC before 9/11.  She was an amazing person.  Someone with whom she didn't get along paid her the very high compliment of calling her "The Queen of Gum" because she forgot more about gum printing than many people have learned.  

She was very strong and fun.  She did NOT shrink from a flame war on the list when people insulted her.  She gave as good as she got...and more!

I had not blushed for many years when, during one of our visits, she came right out and said to me, "You are really seductive, you know!"  I was floored.  I was certainly not trying to be seductive while we were discussing alt photo!!! But it was just part of her character to honestly state her observations and opinions without worrying about what people thought of her.

I have heard people turn an adjective into a noun by calling someone "a unique".  Well, Judy would give a nice laugh to hear me call her a unique...mostly because it is true!


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Dear Alt List,
I just found out via FB that Judy Seigel has died. 
The funeral will be Sunday May 14, 10 AM Riverside chapel, 76th Street and Amsterdam if you are in Manhattan.
It saddens me when our “greats” from the alt list pass on, and lately this seems to have happened often. Probably because I’ve been on the alt list for almost 20 years now.
I have benefitted from so much knowledge, even through the controversies. It has been a “spicey” group off and on through the years, but that always has been an impetus for me to pursue excellence.
I remember fondly meeting up with her in NYC, probably around 2000, and having a wonderful dinner with her near her Greenwich Village residence.
I credit Judy as one of those who put gum on the map and kept the conversation going.
Her Post Factory Journal series  has been a great resource, as I can see since we are still discussing it on this list. I have two sets, one for me, one for my students, of which I cannot part. They’re on the “keeper” shelf along with my gum monographs from the late 1800s. There are so many list members represented in those pages. It reads like an alt list diary.
How amazing she was married 65 years, through such changing social times!

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