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     Unless I am mistaken, the micro crystalline wax from which Renaissance and Dorlands are made is actually purified bees wax with whatever might go yellow removed.  I buy the wax by the block from Talas and prepare my own "Renaissance" as a fraction of the price.


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Beeswax is not a great choice as it yellows over time. Dorlands or Renaissance Wax.


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I have a student who is trying to wax his prints - they are cyanotypes over palladium prints on Cot 320.  He had great success at first (beeswax with lavender oil, soft cotton t-shirt to rub on) but the second time the t-shirt left some lint (easy to solve - choose a better piece of cloth) but also the fibers of the paper pulled off.  Perhaps it is a matter of practice - My question is does anyone have a better way of waxing? Renaissance  wax? Dorlands wax? 

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