[Alt-photo] Pictorico: TPU or TPS?

Niranjan Patel nirpat89 at yahoo.com
Mon May 15 16:01:11 UTC 2017

Hi, everyone:  

I have been using this old Premium OHP transparency film (bought almost a decade ago) to make my digital negatives. Now I am close to running out of them so I need to buy a new box. Apparently in the mean time, there has been a reformulation of the Premium OHP (now called TPU100) making it slightly more translucent.  Additionally there is the Ultra Premium (TPS100) that is supposed to hold more ink.  Reading the product description, it was designed to be better suited for Epson inks.  I am currently using HP Vivera inks based printer.  

So my questions are:

1.  If I go for the TPU100, is that going to change significantly in way of the correction curves that I have established based on the old Premium OHP transparency film?

2.  Does the Ultra Premium work equally well with other inks - from what I could gather, the literature boasts of better compatibility with Epson but does not specify performance with with other printers. 

Even though I have not had a need for higher ink loading (that I know of,) I am wondering if it will be worthwhile to move over to the Ultra Premium (TPS100) in case a need arises in the future with other processes that I might be able to take better advantage of.

Looking forward to opinions to help me make a decision on which one to choose.



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