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I joined this list what seems like a million years ago (maybe 20?) and Judy
was someone who immediately stood out to me.  She was brilliant and witty
and forthright, generous with her knowledge, and had a good heart.  We
exchanged more than a few private emails and she was kind to this "new
young whippersnapper fresh out of art school".  So sad to hear this news.
So sad to hear she had Alzheimer's...my grandmother has it now and it is so
painful to watch it take great minds.....  I am glad she passed peacefully
and hope there are lots of pigments and plenty of gum arabic waiting for
her in the afterlife.

-Christine Shepherd

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> Indeed, sad to see her passing.
> Eric Neilsen
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> Judy
>  was such a great force of a person. When she asked me to write something
> about my experiences studying with Henry Holmes Smith I was hesitant but
> her editing was remarkable. I stopped by her place in the Village and she
> was so welcoming. She took a real interest in my stepson and engaged him in
> long conversation. I was just wondering how she was coping with her
> transition from being the leader she was to the elderly woman with reducing
> capacities. Sad she is not here to see all that is continuing to bloom from
> her efforts.
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> > Dear Alt List,
> > I just found out via FB that Judy Seigel has died.
> > The funeral will be Sunday May 14, 10 AM Riverside chapel, 76th Street
> > and Amsterdam if you are in Manhattan.
> > http://www.riversidememorialchapel.com/obituaries/show/3046
> > It saddens me when our “greats” from the alt list pass on, and lately
> > this seems to have happened often. Probably because I’ve been on the
> > alt list for almost 20 years now.
> > I have benefitted from so much knowledge, even through the controversies.
> > It has been a “spicey” group off and on through the years, but that
> > always has been an impetus for me to pursue excellence.
> > I remember fondly meeting up with her in NYC, probably around 2000,
> > and having a wonderful dinner with her near her Greenwich Village
> residence.
> > I credit Judy as one of those who put gum on the map and kept the
> > conversation going.
> > Her Post Factory Journal series  has been a great resource, as I can
> > see since we are still discussing it on this list. I have two sets,
> > one for me, one for my students, of which I cannot part. They’re on
> > the “keeper” shelf along with my gum monographs from the late 1800s.
> > There are so many list members represented in those pages. It reads like
> an alt list diary.
> > How amazing she was married 65 years, through such changing social times!
> > Chris
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