[Alt-photo] sad news

Thu May 18 19:49:23 UTC 2017

Again I post, and as said earlier, rarely…..this is a most lovely set of words re Judy….and, all you folks
remember the back and forth with Terry? Come to think of it both are now gone. Like the waxing and
waning of hal moons.

> On May 18, 2017, at 11:24 AM, epona fyrefly via Alt-photo-process-list <alt-photo-process-list at lists.altphotolist.org> wrote:
> I joined this list what seems like a million years ago (maybe 20?) and Judy
> was someone who immediately stood out to me.  She was brilliant and witty
> and forthright, generous with her knowledge, and had a good heart.  We
> exchanged more than a few private emails and she was kind to this "new
> young whippersnapper fresh out of art school".  So sad to hear this news.
> So sad to hear she had Alzheimer's...my grandmother has it now and it is so
> painful to watch it take great minds.....  I am glad she passed peacefully
> and hope there are lots of pigments and plenty of gum arabic waiting for
> her in the afterlife.
> -Christine Shepherd

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