[Alt-photo] suggestions about cyanotype curve

Don donsbryant at gmail.com
Tue May 23 18:29:36 UTC 2017


Back to my original question.

Have you printed an analog Step Tablet? This will inform you of the contrast
range of your process with your methodology. Print this tablet EVERY time
you print a digital step tablet. This will serve as your process monitor.

Reduce the ink density as Alberto suggested - incrementally. And then print
those negatives at your predetermined DMAX time. As you change the ink
density the contrast of the test will change. If you work carefully you can
minimize the amount of materials used for testing. 

I'm inferring you have some kind of ACV curve you are applying to the
colorized step tablet. If I were you I would WAX that data to Restart your
test, IOW delete that curve layer or reset the data pairs to Input=Output.

What color space are you using? Since you are colorizing it should be Adobe
1998 which has a default gamma of 2.2; which IS what you should be using. Do
not use sRGB or ProPhoto or convert to those color spaces.

As best as I can recall attachments are not allowed to come through on the
List Server. 

I'm sure others may have other/better comments. But IMO, it's time for you
to kick back and do some more research. :~)

Good luck,

Don Bryant

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