[Alt-photo] suggestions about cyanotype curve

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I wondered about this - when I printed the color chart Mrhar provides to
determine the optimal neg color it was impossible for me to tell which was
the first color - a large number of them went white together. I wasn't sure
how to prevent that from happening or how to pick from within that fairly
large set of values.

I'm going to post the actual attachments I've been alluding to over on the
FB page for this group - I wasn't aware that no attachments were allowed
here. I don't know if seeing these will help. But I definitely am going to
explore lowering the density and see what effect that has.

Thanks for your attention!

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> Bob,
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> wrote:
> >
> > ... but it sounds to me like you may have chosen a too dense color.
> This comment from Chris reminded me of something I meant to say but
> forgot. The strongest, most powerful UV blocking color is not necessarily
> the best. This plays into the idea I (and others) proposed of reducing the
> ink density. You should be choosing the weakest color that gives sufficient
> blocking to achieve pure white but no more than that. This way you won't
> need to reduce ink density. Also, and just as important, if there are
> several possibilities choose the one that prints the smoothest over the
> whole scale.
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> Keith
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