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Mon Oct 2 08:54:12 UTC 2017

Sorry for a late reply, was away from computers for a while ...

Since 1999 I have used various systems for the production of digital
negatives, started with trial and error then with the help of  Burkholder,
PDN and later Mrhar. For Cyanotype and gum or casein printing I find
ChartThrob very easy to use and generally accurate enough. I now use it
almost exclusively.

The RNP Array site is indeed gone but the info and latest version of the
script (1.14) can now be downloaded from :


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> El 24/09/17 a las 17:40, Kees Brandenburg escribió:
>> Hi. Someone knows something about the old Chart Throb method, its sttep
>>> tablet and its THE RNP-ARRAY SYSTEM for digital negatives.
>> The RNP Array site is gone but you can find the HSL array and some
>> explanation here on the Project Vedos site: http://vedos.samk.fi/?p=32
>> On archive.org there are some backups of inkjetnegative.com too:
>> https://web.archive.org/web/20150215005626/http://www.inkjet
>> negative.com/images/RNP/rnp.htm
>> Kees
>> Tank Kees Brandenburg
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