[Alt-photo] problem installing qtr files

Webmaster clay at clayharmon.com
Wed Oct 4 17:13:35 UTC 2017

If you are trying this on a Mac with a newish version of OS X, and an older version of QTR, you may be running into a permissions issue. Apple has really tightened down on the ability for apps to write files to some of the system folders such as the ones that are used to hold the printer files that QTR generates when you do an install. Try downloading the newest version of QTR and doing a fresh installation. Failing that, I have had to manually open the permissions on some of the /Library folders that QTR needs to write to.

> On Oct 4, 2017, at 12:48 PM, Bob Cornelis via Alt-photo-process-list <alt-photo-process-list at lists.altphotolist.org> wrote:
> Hi all
> A long time ago I had a problem getting QTR  curve .txt files installed so
> I could select them when printing a neg. I'm now trying to do this on a
> friend's machine and running into the same problem. I remember that there
> was a simple trick that was causing the curve to not be installed when
> running the install command in the folder for the printer, but I can't
> remember what it was.
> Can anyone advise as to what that might be? Right now I'm just trying to
> install a no-curve file so I can print a step wedge without any adjustment
> curve. The CURVE_NAME parameter is the same as the name of the file. There
> is no GREY_CURVE listed yet.
> Thanks!
> Bob
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