[Alt-photo] problem installing qtr files

Kees Brandenburg workshops at polychrome.nl
Wed Oct 4 19:44:25 UTC 2017

Hi Keith,

You’re right about the filename length. It’s the ±40 character limit from MacOS. Richard Boutwell indeed uses the shorter Excell limit which I mistakenly took for the OS limit I meant to mention here.
Anyway the foldername check might work. And a QTR reinstall would do no harm too.


> On 4 okt. 2017, at 21:13, Keith Schreiber <keith at jkschreiber.com> wrote:
> Kees,  
> This is not accurate - at least not for Mac OSX. The limit is between 39 and 41 characters. I discovered this when a 42 character filename would not install. I changed an abbreviation which brought it down to 39 characters and it installed fine. Most of my QTR filenames are 30+ characters.
> I do know that Richard Boutwell specifies a 20 character limit for the files generated by his Excel spreadsheets, but that is an Excel limit - those names can be changed before installing them.
> If you are talking about the Windows version, I have no idea. ;)
> Keith

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